Obtains the value of an item in a value list or code table associated with a column in a DataWindow.

Applies to

DataWindow type

Method applies to


DataWindow control, DataWindowChild object, DataStore object



string dwcontrol.GetValue ( string column, integer index )
string dwcontrol.GetValue ( integer column, integer index )




A reference to a DataWindow control, DataStore, or child DataWindow.


The column for which you want the item. Column can be a column number (integer) or a column name (string).


The number of the item in the value list or the code table for the edit style.

Return value

Returns the item identified by index in the value list or the code table associated with column of dwcontrol. If the item has a display value that is not the actual value, GetValue returns a tab-separated string consisting of:


Returns the empty string (" ") if the index is not valid or the column does not have a value list or code table.

If any argument value is null, in PowerBuilder and JavaScript the method returns null.


You can use GetValue to find out the values associated with the following edit styles: CheckBox, RadioButton, DropDownListBox, Edit Mask, and Edit. If the edit style has a code table in which each value in the list has a display value and a data value, GetValue reports both values.

GetValue does not get values from a DropDownDataWindow code table.

You can parse the return value by searching for the tab character (ASCII 09). In PowerBuilder, search for ~t.


If the value list for column 7 of dw_employee contains Full Time, Part Time, Retired, and Terminated, these statements return the value of item 3 (Retired):

string Status
Status = dw_employee.GetValue(7,3)

If the value list for the column named product of dw_employee is Widget[tab]1, Gadget[tab]2, the following code returns Gadget[tab]2 and saves the display value in a string variable:

string ls_prodinfo, ls_prodname, ls_prodnum
integer li_tab
ls_prodinfo = dw_employee.GetValue("product", 2)
li_tab = Pos(ls_prodinfo, "~t", 1)
ls_prodname = Left(ls_prodinfo, li_tab - 1)
ls_prodnum = Mid(ls_prodinfo, li_tab + 1)

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