GetMessageText (obsolete)


Obtains the message text generated by a crosstab DataWindow object in a DataWindow control. Only crosstab DataWindows generate messages.

Obsolete method

GetMessageText is obsolete and will be discontinued in a future release. You should replace all use of GetMessageText as soon as possible. The message text is available as an argument in a user event defined for pbm_dwnmessagetext in a DataWindow control.

Applies to

DataWindow type

Method applies to


DataWindow control



string dwcontrol.GetMessageText ( )




A reference to the DataWindow control for which you want the message text

Return value

Returns the text of the message generated by dwcontrol. If there is no text or an error occurs, GetMessageText returns the empty string ("").

If dwcontrol is null, the method returns null.


To use GetMessageText, you must first define a user-defined event for the event ID pbm_dwnmessagetext; then you call this method in the script for that event.

Typical messages are Retrieving data and Building crosstab.


This statement is part of a script for a user-defined event with the ID pbm_dwmessagetext. The style of the DataWindow object in the DataWindow control is crosstab. The statement sets the MicroHelp of the MDI frame window w_crosstab: