GenerateXHTML (obsolete)


Generates the inline content of the Web DataWindow in XHTML.

Obsolete method

GenerateXHTML is obsolete and should not be used, because the Web DataWindow technology is obsolete.

Applies to

DataWindow type

Method applies to


Server component


Web DataWindow server component

string dwcontrol.GenerateXHTML ({page[ ] variables})




The name of the server-side DataWindow control you want to generate in XHTML.


An array for passing page variables. The page variables must be defined as String datatypes.

Return value

Integer. 1 indicates success, and -1 indicates failure.


At runtime, GenerateXHTML performs the tasks required to generate the dynamic XHTML, including retrieving the action context and generating the XHTML inline. Connection errors, including database error messages, are also generated inline.

For information about the advantages and limitations of each rendering format, see DataWindow Programmers Guide.

The GenerateXHTML method delivers the DataWindow in XHTML to the client browser and it generates a CSS style sheet and JS files that are cached on the client side and referenced in the XHTML source.


The following JSP example specifies subdirectories of the current application directory to publish the CSS and JS components of the Web DataWindow and generates the DataWindow in XHTML:

String resourceBase = request.getScheme() + "://" +
   request.getServerName() + ":" +
   request.getServerPort() + request.getContextPath();
String publishPath = application.getRealPath("/");
dwGen.Modify("DataWindow.CSSGen.ResourceBase = '" +
   resourceBase + "/css'");
dwGen.Modify("DataWindow.CSSGen.PublishPath = '" +
   publishPath + "css'");
dwGen.Modify("DataWindow.JSGen.ResourceBase = '" +
   resourceBase + "/js'");
dwGen.Modify("DataWindow.JSGen.PublishPath = '" +
   publishPath + "js'");
String dwXHTML = dwGen.GenerateXHTML();
out.print (dwXHTML);

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