Moves a control within the DataWindow to another band or changes the front-to-back order of controls within a band.

Applies to

DataWindow type

Method applies to


DataWindow control, DataWindowChild object, DataStore object



integer dwcontrol.SetPosition ( string controlname, string band, boolean bringtofront )




A reference to a DataWindow control or DataStore.


The name of the control within the DataWindow that you want to move. You assign names to the controls in the DataWindow painter.


A string whose value is the name of the band or layer in which you want to position controlname. Layer names are background and foreground.

Band names are detail, header, footer, summary, header.#, and trailer.#, where # is the group level number. Enter the empty string ("") if you do not want to change the band.


A boolean indicating whether you want to bring controlname to the front within the band:

  • True -- Bring it to the front.

  • False -- Do not bring it to the front.

Return value

Returns 1 when it succeeds and -1 if an error occurs. If any argument's value is null, in PowerBuilder and JavaScript the method returns null.


PowerBuilder environment

For setting the position of controls in the front-to-back order of a PowerBuilder window, see the section called “SetPosition” in PowerScript Reference.


This statement moves oval_red in dw_rpt to the header and brings it to the front:

dw_rpt.SetPosition("oval_red", "header", true)

This statement does not change the position of oval_red , but does bring it to the front:

dw_rpt.SetPosition("oval_red", "", true)

This statement moves oval_red to the footer, but does not bring it to the front:

dw_rpt.SetPosition("oval_red", "footer", false)