Returns the selected text, pictures, and input fields in a RichText DataWindow as a string with rich text formatting. Bitmaps and input fields are included in the string.

Applies to

DataWindow type

Method applies to


DataWindow control, DataStore object



string dwcontrol.CopyRTF ( { boolean selected {, Band band } } ) 




A reference to a DataWindow control or DataStore object. The DataWindow object in the DataWindow control or DataStore must be a RichText DataWindow.

selected (optional)

A value indicating whether to copy selected text only. Values are:

  • true -- (Default) Copy selected text only.

  • false -- Copy the entire contents of the band.

band (optional)

A value specifying the band from which to copy text. For a list of valid values, see Band.

The default is the band that contains the insertion point.

Return value

Returns the selected text as a string.

CopyRTF returns an empty string ("") if:

  • There is no selection and selected is true

  • An error occurs


CopyRTF does not involve the clipboard. The copied information is stored in a string. If you use the standard clipboard methods (Copy and Cut) the clipboard will contain the text without any formatting.

To incorporate the text with RTF formatting into another RichTextEdit control, use PasteRTF.

PowerBuilder environment

For use with RichTextEdit controls, see the section called “CopyRTF” in PowerScript Reference. For information about rich text format, see the section called “Implementing Rich Text” in Application Techniques.


This statement returns the text that is selected in the RichText DataWindow dw_letter and stores it in the string ls_richtext:

string ls_richtext
ls_richtext = dw_letter.CopyRTF()

This example copies the text in dw_1, saving it in ls_richtext, and pastes it into dw_2. The user clicks the RadioButton rb_true to copy selected text and rb_false to copy all the text. The number of characters pasted is saved in ll_numchars reported in the StaticText st_status:

string ls_richtext
boolean lb_selected
long ll_numchars
IF rb_true.Checked = true THEN
      lb_selected = true
      lb_selected = false
ls_richtext = dw_1.CopyRTF(lb_selected)
ll_numchars = dw_2.PasteRTF(ls_richtext)
st_status.Text = String(ll_numchars)

See also


CopyRTF in the the section called “CopyRTF” in PowerScript Reference