WSError (Obsolete)


Occurs when an error is returned for a DataWindow using a Web service data source. The error can occur during any of the following operations: connect, retrieve, delete, insert, update, or disconnect.

PowerBuilder event information

Event ID: pbm_dwnwserror




String for the type of operation (Retrieve, Update, Insert, Delete, Connect, or Disconnect)


Long for the row number or 0 if not applicable, such as when an error occurs during connection to the Web service


String for the name of the buffer being accessed while the error occurred (Primary, Filter, or Delete)


String for the WSDL file, the URL that defines the Web service, or the assembly that is used access the Web service


String for the name of the Web service method invoked


String for the exception message returned from the method

Return Values

Set the return code to affect the outcome of the event:

0 -- Display the error message

1 -- Do not display the error message

For information on setting the return code in a particular environment, see About return values for DataWindow events.


Because you cannot use the DBError event with a Web Service DataWindow, you must use the WSError event to obtain any error information.


The following code in a WSError event script causes information about an error to display in a message box:

MessageBox("Error event", "Error in row " &   
   + string(rownum) + ", Occurred during " + method &
   + "; the cause of the error is: "+ errormessage)

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