Overview of DataWindow object properties

DataWindow object properties apply to the DataWindow object itself, not to the DataWindow control or DataStore that contains it. There are several ways you can affect the values of DataWindow object properties at runtime:

  • Use the general-purpose Describe and Modify methods to get and set property values.

  • Use methods that get and set specific properties.

  • Use methods that get and set specific properties.

  • For many properties, enter expressions in the painter that set properties conditionally at runtime.

  • You can use the SyntaxFromSQL method on a transaction object to generate DataWindow source code that sets some DataWindow properties. You can use the generated code in the Create method to create new DataWindows.

Summary tables in the first part of this chapter

The tables in Controls in a DataWindow and their properties list the properties for each control within a DataWindow object, with short descriptions. There are also tables for SyntaxFromSql object keywords. After the first table of DataWindow properties, the tables are alphabetical by control and keyword name.

The tables include check mark columns that identify whether you can use that property with Modify (M) or SyntaxFromSql (S). When (exp) is included in the description, you can specify a DataWindow expression as the value for that property. A DataWindow expression lets you specify conditions for determining the property value.

You can get the value of all properties in all tables

At runtime, you can use Describe or dot notation to get the value of all properties listed in all tables.

Alphabetical reference list in the second part of this chapter

The second half of this chapter is an alphabetical list of properties with descriptions, syntax, and examples. When you find a property you want to use in the first part, look up the property in the alphabetical list to find the specific syntax you need to use. In the tables that describe the property values, (exp) again indicates that you can use a DataWindow expression for the value.

Accessing properties in different DataWindow environments

The property reference has syntax for Describe and Modify and for PowerBuilder dot notation.

Examples and quoted strings

The only examples given are PowerBuilder examples. However, the arguments for Describe and Modify are quoted strings that are generally valid in all environments. If the strings include nested quotes, see Nested strings and special characters for DataWindow object properties for information on the appropriate escape character in each environment.

For more information and examples of setting properties, see: