Evaluating DataWindow expressions in scripts

In a script, you use methods, properties, and data expressions for the DataWindow control to get information about the state of the DataWindow: the current row, the highlighted row, values of particular items. You can get other information by accessing properties of the DataWindow object, either with the Describe function or with property expressions.

For example, if you need to find the current row in a DataWindow, use the DataWindow control function, GetRow:

ll_rownum = dw1.GetRow()

If you need to find the first row on the current page in a DataWindow, there is no DataWindow control function to return this information, but you can find it in the appropriate DataWindow object property:

ls_first = dw1.Object.DataWindow.FirstRowOnPage
ls_last = dw1.Object.DataWindow.LastRowOnPage
dw1.Title = "Rows " + ls_first + " to " + ls_last

In some cases, however, information you need might not be available either by using DataWindow control functions or by accessing DataWindow object properties.

DataWindow expression functions sometimes provide information that is available in no other way. These functions, which are available within a DataWindow expression, are documented in Using DataWindow expression functions.