How to replace Appeon image that displays at the running of applications


When you launch an application in Internet Explorer, an image () shows in the browser for a moment, indicating the start of the loading process. The image is pre-defined in Appeon, but you can change it to any other image.


Once you change the Appeon-defined image to your own image, all applications deployed to the server will show the new image at the beginning of application-loading process.

Step 1: Prepare an image that you want to display at the beginning of application-loading process. Name it to "awl_loading.gif".

Step 2: Go to the folder where the Appeon-defined image is stored, and replace the old awl_loading.gif with the new awl_loading.gif. You need to replace awl_loading.gif in the following two folders: %powerserver%\weblibrary_ax\debug\image\ and %powerserver%\weblibrary_ax\release\image\.