Help functions


Using the Help functions such as ShowHelp or ShowPopupHelp to display a HLP file or a CHM (HTML Help) file is unsupported.


To enable you to display a HLP file or a CHM file, replace the Help functions by applying a StaticHyperLink, PictureHyperLink or HyperLinkToURL:

Step 1: Upload the Help file to your Web Server.

Step 2: Create a StaticHyperLink or PictureHyperLink control in the application and set the link of the control to the URL of the Help file. You can also apply the HyperLinkToURL function in the application for accessing the URL of the Help file.


This example uses PowerServer Help as the HLP file. First upload the HLP file to the Web Server (in this example PowerServer Help is located in

Workaround #1: Open the HLP or CHM file with a StaticHyperLink control.

Create a StaticHyperLink control in the application. Add the PowerServer Help URL ( to the URL property of StaticHyperLink control.

Workaround #2: Apply the HyperLinkToURL function to access the URL of the Help file.

Add the following code to the relevant location in the application:

Inet internet 
Internet = create Inet