Setting Scenarios

  1. Select from Tools > Create controller scenario;

  2. Set the schedule of scenario according to your needs;

  3. Configure the parameter settings for scenario:

    Navigate to Browser Emulation, uncheck the Simulate browser cache and the Simulate a new user each iteration checkboxes, and then check the Download non-HTML resources checkbox, as shown in the following figure.

    Click OK.

    Figure 16. Run-times Settings

    Run-times Settings

Additional steps for the Update operation

Set the Update operation being committed when 10 virtual users access concurrently. Make sure that the IDs of virtual users are the successive integers starting from 1, for example, 1~10, and keep running for 5 minutes.

When you run the scenario, ensure that it runs correctly without any error or error messages in the AEM log, and check the corresponding tables in the database and make sure the values of records (id 10-109) have been changed.