Data Preparation (for update only)

This is required only when testing the Update operation.

To simulate large number of concurrent access of Update, sufficient records should be prepared first.

Requirements in the modified table:

  1. The Recording Numbers must meet the following condition:

    In the table, the number of Records should be greater than the number of (Vusers + 1) times the number of Modified Record/Users (Number of Records > (Vusers + 1) * Number of Modified Record/Users).

    For example, if there are10 users concurrently accessing and conducting the DataWindow Update 10r x 7c with the "use update" mode operation, the modified table must at least contain the following number of records: (10 + 1) * 10 = 110.

  2. The initial value of the keyword "id" should be 0 (This is for simplifying the code process for the SQL statement parameterization in scripts).