Configuring silent installation for PowerServer Toolkit

Open the SilentInstall.ini file (located under the root directory of the PowerBuilder installation package, e.g. ...\PB\SilentInstall.ini) in a text editor and locate the [Toolkit] section; and then configure the following parameters for the silent installation of PowerServer Toolkit.




Sets the installation location of PowerServer Toolkit.


Reserved for PowerServer (non-PB edition).

For PowerServer (PB edition), this value can only be false.


Sets the PowerBuilder version that the PowerServer Toolkit will be integrated to.

For PowerServer (PB edition), the value can only be true.


Sets whether to replace the old version of PowerServer Toolkit if the selected PB version already integrates with an old version of PowerServer Toolkit. When multiple versions of PowerServer Toolkit coexist, you can choose whether a PB version still integrates with the old version of PowerServer Toolkit, or the new version of PowerServer Toolkit toolbar should replace the old version.

For PowerServer (PB edition), the value can only be true.

AppeonServer_type, AppeonServer_name, AppeonServer_port, WebServer_type, WebServer_name, WebServer_port

Sets the type, host name, and port number for PowerServer and Web Server.

For PowerServer (PB edition), the value for AppeonServer_type can only be .NET.

The value for WebServer_type can be IIS (for IIS), A13 (for Apache 1.3), A20 (for Apache 2.x), WBL (for WebLogic), WBS (for WebSphere), JES (for JEUS), JBS (for JBoss).


Sets the path of an existing SQL Anywhere engine.