Configuring silent installation for PowerServer

Here are the silent install settings for PowerServer for .NET:

Open the SilentInstall.ini file (located under the root directory of the PowerBuilder installation package, e.g. ...\PB\SilentInstall.ini) in a text editor and locate the [powerserver] section; and then configure the following parameters for the silent installation of PowerServer for .NET.




Sets whether to work with the Windows Azure environment.

The value can be true or false.


Sets whether to register the .NET Framework.

The value can be true or false.


Sets whether to automatically turn on the Enable32BitAppOnWin64 parameter for IIS.

The value can be true or false.


Reserved for PowerServer (non-PB edition).

For PowerServer (PB edition), this value can only be false.


Sets whether to create a new Web site and install PowerServer on the new site.


Sets the name of the new or an existing IIS Web site where PowerServer will be installed.


If CreateWebSite is set to true, you will need to set the home directory for the new IIS Web Site.


If CreateWebSite is set to true, you will need to set the HTTP Port for the new IIS Web Site.

The value can be between 1 and 65535.

ProcessModelUserName, ProcessModelPassword

Sets the user name and password of an administrator group member for the application pool used by PowerServer. These two parameters must be set in order to install and run PowerServer on Windows Azure successfully.


Sets whether to install the Appeon demo applications.

The value can be true or false.


If InstallDemo is set to true, you will need to specify the path for an existing SQL Anywhere engine.


Sets whether to enable the Connection Pooling feature in ODBC Data Source.

The value can be true or false.

AEMUserName, AEMPassword

Sets the AEM login user name and password.


Sets whether to modify the current ASP.NET settings.

The value can be true or false.

minWorkerThreads, maxIoThreads, minWorkerThreads, minFreeThreads, minLocalRequestFreeThreads, executionTimeout, maxRequestLength

Sets the ASP.NET settings.


Sets whether to silently install the packaged Appeon application(s) to the PowerServer.

The value can be true or false.

AppPackage_1, AppPackage_2, AppPackage_3, AppPackage_4, AppPackage_5

Points to the folder name of the Appeon application package that will be silently installed to the PowerServer. You can install no more than 5 applications at a time.

To create an Appeon application package, click the Package button on the PowerServer Toolkit and set the package type to Package a Server Deployment Project. For detailed instructions, refer to the section called “Packaging a server deployment project” in PowerServer Toolkit User Guide. After the package is generated, copy the entire package to the "...\Appeon\AppPackage_install" folder and then set the Silent_Install_AppPackage parameter to true and the AppPackage_# parameter to the package folder name.