PowerServer responds to user requests slowly

It takes time to compile at Appeon Web application startup. However, during application runtime, it seems that PowerServer still responds slowly.

Cause A: An excess of temporary files or very large Appeon log files can slow down PowerServer's performance.

Solution A: Follow the steps below to fix the problem:

Step 1: In AEM, open AEM Console > Server > Logging, and then check whether the Never replace log files option is checked. If it is checked, go to the log file directory: \Appeon\PowerServer\Toolkit\Project\ApplicationName\Debug(or Release)\Log\ and manually delete the large log files.

Step 2: Clean up all temporary files in AEM Console > Server > Resources > Maintenance.

Cause B: A large number of dead sessions or transactions will consume server resources, and affect performance.

Solution B: Kill the dead sessions and roll back the dead transactions in AEM Console > Server > Sessions > Active Transactions.