IIS configuration

The IIS configuration may affect PowerServer. Verify the IIS settings according to the IIS version that PowerServer is installed.

IIS 7.5 or later

If PowerServer is running on IIS 7.5 or later, verify the .NET Trust Levels is set to Full (internal) for AEM, Appeon, and Servlet views respectively in IIS Manager. Following is an example of how to verify the .NET Trust Levels for AEM view, you can follow the similar steps to verify for Appeon view and Servlet view.

Step 1: Open IIS Manager, click Web Sites > DefaultWebSite > AEM, and double click .NET Trust Levels.

Figure 2. .NET Trust Levels

.NET Trust Levels

Step 2: Verify that Full (internal) is selected.

Figure 3. Full (internal)

Full (internal)