Installing InfoMaker runtime files

When you install InfoMaker, shared files that are used by both PowerBuilder and InfoMaker are installed in the Shared\PowerBuilder directory. You need to deploy a subset of these files with your application.

The following table indicates which feature each file is required to support. For example, PBVM170.DLL, PBSHR170.DLL, LIBJCC.DLL, and LIBJUTILS.DLL are required for all deployed applications. You need not install some other files unless your application uses the features indicated. You should install the runtime files in the same directory as the application or in a directory on the system path.

Database connections

The runtime files needed to enable database connections are described in Making the data source available.

Required for




Reports and forms


Java VM


Rich Text


DataWindow plug-in


Label report presentation style predefined formats


Database connection tracing


Localized runtime files

Localized runtime files are provided for French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish. These files are usually available shortly after the general release of a new version of InfoMaker.

The localized runtime files let you deploy InfoMaker applications with standard runtime dialog boxes in the local language. They handle language-specific data when the application runs, including:

  • DayName function manipulation

    The DayName function returns a name in the language of the runtime files available on the machine where the application is run.

  • DateTime manipulation

    When you use the String function to format a date and the month is displayed as text (for example, the display format includes "mmm"), the month is in the language of the runtime files available when the application is run.

  • Error messages

    InfoMaker error messages are translated into the language of the runtime files.