Pinging data source fails when using the ASA/SQL Anywhere JDBC driver

A data source is created but fails to function and creates an error beginning with "Ping of Data Source failed¡­" The database uses SAP ASA/SQL Anywhere; iAnywhere JDBC-ODBC Bridge Driver is used for the data source.

Cause: The ASA/SQL Anywhere JDBC driver and EAServer possibly fail to locate the dbjodbc8.dll file.

Solution: Follow the suggested steps to rectify your problem.

Step 1: Upgrade ASA/SQL Anywhere to ASA/SQL Anywhere 8.0.2 build 4361 or ASA/SQL Anywhere 9.

Step 2: Navigate to \Sybase\SQL Anywhere 8\java\jodbc.jar, and copy the jodbc.jar file to the %JAGUAR%\java\lib folder (Windows) or $JAGUAR/java/lib (UNIX).

Step 3: Navigate to \Sybase\SQL Anywhere 8\win32\dbjodbc8.dll, and copy the dbjodbc8.dll file into the directory: \Sybase\Shared\jdkversion\ire\bin\. Jdkversion indicates which version of JDK is used, for example, jdk1.2.2_10, jdk1.3.1_06, or jdk1.4.1_03.

Step 4: Restart EAServer.

Step 5: (Assuming that ase_odbc is the data source which is set up in ODBC manager and used to connect to ASE database) The ServerName will be similar to "jdbc:odbc:dsn=ase_odbc"

For more information, refer to SAP's EAServer Troubleshooting Guide available at