Error "Connect EAServer failed" when loading Appeon demo applications

Failure to run the Appeon n-Tier NVO demos (e.g., Appeon Code Examples) both on the Web and in PowerBuilder. The "Connect EAServer failed" message is displayed.

Cause: For Appeon Server connection settings, the host name is set to "localhost" by default, and the port number is set to "9989" by default. If the actual host name and port number are different from the default settings, the "Connect EAServer failed" error will occur when attempting to run the demo application on the Web or in PowerBuilder.

Solution: Here AppeonCodeExamples is used to demonstrate the solution to this problem.

Step 1: Load AppeonDemo.pbw in the PowerBuilder IDE. In the system TreeView, open appeon_code_examples > ace_window1.pbl > w_distributed_DW.

Step 2: Find the following script in the Open event of the w_distributed_DW object. Verify that it matches the actual Appeon Server settings enabling the demo application to work properly with PowerBuilder.

i_conn.driver = "jaguar"
i_conn.application = "AppeonCodeExamples"
i_conn.location = "localhost:9989"
i_conn.UserID = "jagadmin"
i_conn.Password = ""

Step 3: Follow the instructions provided in Error "Create instance failed" when loading n-Tier NVO Web applications to verify that the demo applications can work properly on the Web.